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Colorado 2007 - Page 5

Sunday 23rd September

Typical Sunday even here in Colorado, continuous rain, dull, damp a very slow day even Winter Park town centre is dead.

Monday 24th September

Anne meet me for Lunch, as with my other friends it didn't seem like some six years had passed since we last had Lunch together, regrettably Anne had to be in work for just after 1.30pm, so today's get together was cut short, I'll see her tomorrow evening for Dinner along with many of my other friends, because Wednesday morning I start my way back across the pond.

later that evening Frosty telephoned to let me know that he would coming tomorrow.


Tuesday 25th September

Didn't rush to breakfast this morning because the Motel has for the past couple days has had a party of elderly people from 'Trinindad' Colorado, there worse than children what setting off the fire alarms, causing untold havoc in the Motel's Lobby each morning from 6am - 9am over the breakfast period until there coach takes them all off for the day to be a pain in the backside somewhere else, needless to I was delighted when they all shipped out this morning, lock stock, and barrel.

I'll carry on packing this morning whilst I wait for Frosty to arrive, I'll also re-confirm my taxi for tomorrow to take me to Denver International Airport and finally I'll give all my friends a call to let them know about this evenings arrangements for Dinner.

Wednesday 26th September

Glenn and Frosty

Anne and Buddy

Frosty arrived around Lunchtime, so a good excuse to go grab a bit to eat, which we did whilst taking advantage of sitting outside Rudis Deli. During and after Lunch, Frosty told me all about the books, lectures and radio presenting that he has been doing since I was in Colorado last, my time with frosty soon came to an end as he head to head back down the mountains to Denver.

Later that same day I had arranged to met up with Anne, Karen and Diane for Dinner as a last meal together before I started my journey back to the UK. With a great meal packed away it was time to say my good byes and turn my attention to the morning and the journey back to the UK.

Glenn & Buddy


Thursday 27th September

I wroke at 7am , giving me plenty of time to finish packing, get checked out and have breakfast before 9.30am and my taxi to take me down the mountains to Denver International Airport (DIA)and the start of my journey homed, right on cue at 9,30am my taxi arrived after saying my good-byes to the Motel staff the time had come to make the fist leg of my journey home by  getting to DIA, which took just over two hours.

At DIA I was met with the airport in full swing people coming and going, pretty much as per Lomdon's Gatwick Airport or any major international airport come to think of it.

With check in done both for my baggage and wheelchair, it was time to wait for when the airline was ready for me to board the aircraft for my flight to Minneapolis which  only takes a couple of hours, but it also marks the start of my time travel back in time because Minneapolis is 1 hour back from Colorado time. so in affect the flight would be a shade over an hour.

Minneapolis greeted me with heavy thunder storms which made the aircraft late coming into land which in turn had a knock on affect in terms of cutting fine to make my connecting flight to London, with my name being paged over the Minneapolis airports pubic address system and needed the loo desperately I decided that my toilet needs were greater than my catching a plan needs, anyhow with the quickest loo stop you can imagine I made my flight to London with it seemed less than minutes to spare, as it turnout there wasn't quite such as rush to make my connection flight because the control tower was still making its mind up if the aircraft could take off because of the thunder storms and general heavy weather that was surrounding the airport, after a slight delay of 20 minutes we were off bound for London and more reverse time travel, which meant the flight was due to land at 8.30am local time (Thursday).

Having settled into my seat and had a pretty typical in-flight meal of over cooked pasta and chicken I dozed off to be wroke up as the aircraft came into UK airspace with one of the cabin craw asking if I would like Breakfast, I settled for a couple of cups of tea.

Tea done and dusted it  was just a case of sitting out the last half an hour or so before landing at London Gatwick and meeting my parents to take me home via the M25.

Upon landing it was utter confusion because unlike every other flight I have ever done, I get help with getting off the aircraft and collecting my baggage, going through Customs etc..... This time nothing no help what so ever (I was not best pleased as this made my very final bit of my journey through London's Gatwick Airport a bit tricky to say the least, anyhow with that drama behind me I met my parents, time to relax and reflect on my journey to Colorado.

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