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Colorado 2007 - Page 4

Wednesday 19th September

Grand Lake


As it was a real cracker of a day with crisp sunshine and bright blue skies, I telephoned Sue in Grand Lake and made arrangements to get my self up there, which from Winter Park takes around an hour by car, just as 11am came round I arrived in Grand Lake and met Sue in her gift shop, having had the grand tour of her shop we took a stroll into the centre of Grand lake and had Lunch at one of Sue's favorite haunts, which was followed by me accompanying Sued to local Bank, Post Office etc..

Karen & Sue - Pancho & Lefty's bar

Later that same day Karen joined us and as it was quite warm by this time a general conscious was to find a bar for a refreshing beer, which we did, may I say that the beer certainly hit the spot.

As dusk fell Karen asked if I would like to go up into Rocky Mountain National as this time of day is perfect for seeing herds of Elk and Moose, having reached the National Park, Karen was not wrong regarding the local Elk and Moose population as they were quite visible from the car.

As darkness fell and the outside temperature it was time to head back to Winter Park and my Motel and Karen to her house in town.  Upon reaching the Lobby of my Motel I was given a message asking if I would telephone a Journalist from the local Winter Park / Grand County Newspaper.


Thursday 20th September

Rocky Mountain National Park

Having woke slightly later than usual I didn't finish breakfast until almost 10am, so my return telephone call to the Journalist didn't happen until 10.30am. Having spoken to the Journalist ( Tanya Raynor) I agreed to met her on Monday 25th September in order to be interview for an article for the newspaper, as curiosity got the better of me I asked how she knew I was in town, Tanya advised that she had received a number calls from people who were at the talk that Jack and I gave earlier in the week to the local round table charitable trust, it would seem that my presentation was well received after all. The remainder of today I have no firm plans for, see what the day brings!

Friday 21st September

Diane & Glenn at Denos,
Winter Park


Karen dropped by with laundry that she kindly offered to do, the rest of today thought I'd take a stroll into Winter Park do a bit of shopping and pick up a few bits to take back with me, as for yesterday, nothing out of the ordinary, today may change this?

After shopping I met another friend (Diane) for coffee, Diane used to be a flight attendant with United Airlines until she had a bicycle accident a couple of years, now Diane is an Estate Agent or as they call them selves here a Real Estate Broker, Diane hope to meet for Dinner tomorrow evening.



Saturday 22nd September

As it is the weekend the Motel is packed with people up for the weekend from Denver and a lot of Texans, which are all very loud, brash and love to let everyone know there from Texas all a bit like footballer's wife's back in the UK, the locals I know don't have much time for Texan's, but they do bring a welcome boost financially to the local economy

That evening I met Diane for a quick beer and a bit to eat in Deno's.

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