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Colorado 2007 - Page 3

Saturday 15th September 

Grand Lake Board Walk

Had a lazy day didn't even venture outside the Motel for Lunch, I ordered a Pizza from Pizza Hut to be delivered, I did arrange with Barb to meet her for Dinner this evening, so at 6pm Barb arrived  and the two of us to a stroll to 'Randis' Irish Bar, which is owned by a friend of mine called Bob, needless to say Barb and I received good service and a good meal also.

Following Dinner, Barb and made our way back to my Motel where Barb and I said our goodbye for not only this evening but for this trip as I won't be seeing Barb on this trip as she has family matters to attend to in California.

Sunday 16th September

Had a result at Breakfast at the Motel I discovered the Motel's stash of English Tetley Tea Bags 'Heaven'. I have no plans for the rest of today apart a challenge I have set my self to try and find a proper English Sunday Roast Lunch, mind you I don't hold out much hope because Colorado is Cowboy Country, should be a bit of fun though.

Monday 17th September

Larriet Bar Grand Lake

I woke to find that it had been raining for much of the night and judging by the sky looks like this damp weather is set for the day, or for the morning at least. So this morning I've decided to be admin day / morning, usual stuff, up dating this blog, make phone calls etc....

Hopefully come the afternoon the weather might improve or at least dry up a bit, as for finding my Sunday Roast Lunch yesterday, as suspected I didn't manage to track one down, there's always next weekend. Similarly the weather didn't get much better, with rain in Winter Park and a light dusting of snow on the mountain peaks surrounding Winter Park.

Tuesday 18th September

At 11am Jack met me in the lobby of my Motel to make our way to the Beavers Lodge Motel in order that we had good time to prepare for our talk to the local round table charitable trust,  however, Jack's plan didn't quite go as smoothly as he would of hoped because I was not able to get into Jack's truck as it was too high for me to get into. therefore between us we set up a rely system whereby I would start pushing myself down the towards the venue and Jack then would drive a bit a head, park the truck, run back to meet push to where his truck was parked and then drive a bit further with me taking over the pushing of my wheelchair, this system we repeated a number of times which on the whole resulted in covering the mile and a half distance from my Motel to Beavers Lodge Motel in good time.

Having had a quick bit of Lunch Jack and I was introduced 'ShowTime' our talk regarding our exploits on Mt Everest went down well we both received positive feedback, so the time had come to head back to my Motel, which as before Jack and I completed in good time using our relay system.

The rest of today I spent just strolling round Winter Park I then made my way back to the Motel via the Deli Sandwich Shop, grabbed a sandwich for my tea and that was another day finished. 

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