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Colorado 2007 - Page 2

Wednesday 12th September

Feeling much refreshed after almost 24 hours sleep I rolled to the front desk area at the Motel for breakfast 'American' style Bagels, Coffee and Cakes? To my surprise every item of food that made up the Breakfast Menu was either covered in either Sugar, Honey, Syrup, I passed that little lot and do with a Plan Bagel and glass of Milk.

The rest of Wednesday was spent making telephone call to friends in Colorado, and taking a bit more of a roll around Winter Park, I also arranged to meet Barb for Dinner, which we set for 7pm.

At 6.30pm two more old friends turned up at the Motel, Diane & Karen followed by Barb, regrettably Diane and Karen couldn't join me and Barb for Dinner, which was a shame, but I plan to meet up with them both before I have to leave for home.

At the restaurant, I bumped in to an old friend 'Jim' from the NSCD, who now works during the Summer as 'front of house' at the restaurant, needless to say Barb and I received great service and and we ate a great meal, which neither of us could finish, so guess what I have for Lunch tomorrow? The rest of last nights meal, handy that my room at the Motel has a Fridge and Microwave.

One thing that has struck me since returning to Winter Park is that even though it's been 6 years since I was that here time seems to of stood still it's as though I've never been away.

Thursday 13th September

Last night Barb mentioned that a friend of hers has tried twice to summit Mt Everest on each occasion he got within a few thousand feet of the summit, bearing mind my experiences on Everest she asked if I'd like to catch up with him, to which I said yes too.

So it was as I was writings this Blog in my room at the Motel the phone rang with Barb's friend 'Jack', we chatted a greed to meet latter to day, Jack also asked if i could help him give a motivational lecture later the following week to the 'local ' round table charitable trust, this I agreed to help him with.

Later that evening Barb, Sue and Lou met me in Deno's for Dinner, with the time approaching, Barb and I took a stroll back to my Motel where Barb picked up her truck and collected Sue and Lou, the three of them made there back to their respective homes in and around Grand Lake.

Friday 14th September

The Inn at Grand Lake

Barb had arranged for Karen to pick me up from my Motel at Lunchtime in her car and to take me up to Grand Lake. The reason why Barb arranged this is because Barb's truck is to high for me to get into

Glenn & Barb at Grand Lake

Lunchtime came and went, Karen arrived at a shade after 3pm, the two of us then made our way towards Grand Lake, stopping en-route at Lou's house that he built overlooking Grand Lake. Barb also joined us at Lou's house and by taking Karen's car and Lou's truck we all made our way to Grand Lake, first stop, Sue's gift shop, followed by a stroll around the boardwalks of Grand Lake, which for some unexplained reason lead to The Larriet Salon, a real institution and not a tourist to be seen, bearing in mind that it has been some 6 years since I've been in Colorado, as soon as I arrived in The Larriet I met people that I knew, just as if I've never been away, so following a beer and a chat in The Larriet.

Glenn & Karen at Grand Lake

Dinner that evening had been booked at Caroline's restaurant which is located outside of Grand Lake heading back to Winter Park, which good news for me, but not so good for everyone else that evening. After Dinner Barb drove me back to my Motel, after dropping me off Barb made her way back to her cabin in Grand Lake.

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