latest news : 24th Sept 2009

I am sad to announce that Glenn passed away aged 39 on 23rd September 2009 from complications following an operation to relieve pressure on his brain stem.

The operation came after spending much of the year in and out of hospital with suspected strokes, the real problem only being diagnosed a few weeks ago with the first operation performed on the 14th Sept.

Glenn will be fondly remembered by his many friends around the world as someone who never let his medical condition get in the way of his lust for adventure and desire to explore the wild far-flung corners of the earth.

As can be seen from the expeditions listed below Glenn certainly wasn't afraid to push himself in order to achieve his goals.


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the man

Glenn has suffered from birth with a bone condition commonly known as 'Brittle Bones' and has been confined to a wheelchair all of his life. He knows that even a simple fall could cripple him for life or kill him outright.

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the lannie

Glenn has turned a rather run of the mill Land Rover into a custom built home from home with the capabilities of taking Glenn to the ends of the earth and back again.

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the equipment

Glenn uses a variety of specialist wheelchair to get him about. He used a unique Swiss-built 'Everest Wheelchair' constructed by Invacare/Küschall on his recent Everest expedition.

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