The Dead Sea

In February 1998, with legs still not fully recovered from the Everest expedition, Glenn took part in a kayaking expedition to the Middle East with Brunel Universities Research & Development Team.

The express aim of the trip was testing and developing kayaking & canoeing equipment for fellow disabled explorers.

This trip went extremely well with the exception of one incident towards the end of the trip....



Glenn and his companion Dale were paddling a double sea kayak when as they were surfing a wave to beach their boat having completed a days testing.

Their boat was caught by a wave which they did not expect with the result of them being capsized, Dale came out, no problems, Glenn was trapped upside down on the beach underwater with the boat lodged on top him.

Fortunately, Dale had the presence of mind to come back for Glenn, lift the boat off him and drag Glenn up onto the beach. Glenn and Dale are now firm friends.


The team