About Glenn 

Glenn is 32 and works as a Compliance Auditor, he is taking part or heading out under his own steam on successively less conventional trips & expeditions: Surf & Sea Kayaking along the South Coast of England and the Middle East, White Water Kayaking & Canoeing in Wales, Skiing & Driving Dog Teams in the wilds of the Colorado Mountains in temperatures of -35c.

A key part of Glenn's expedition equipment is his specially built wheelchair, christened the 'Snowmobile', which has had numerous rebuilds. Glenn has built it from the ground up with assistance from Kent Mobility, a specialist company based in Tonbridge, Kent.

All that Glenn undertakes has to be accomplished in the wheelchair, powered by the strength of his arms, his adventurous, cheerfully pragmatic spirit and with his trusted Land Rover.

His forthcoming book, Just Another Mountain is as much about that mountain which makes every day for Glenn a challenge to be relished, as about his expeditions including the Everest near miss.

In the meantime, Glenn also devotes time to three other organisations all of which call upon his ever-increasing schedule;

He is a company director for Firmstart/Choice a company is based in Kent. The aims of this organisation are to help young people with or without disabilities start new business ventures or to assist them with seeking employment.

He is a team member of Brunel University's Research & Development Team who are based in Surrey, their aims are to develop, design & test new kayaking & canoeing equipment, clothing and safety equipment for fellow disabled explorers.

Glenn's third focus for attention is the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) where he can be found attending social events. He is a resident guest panellist and speaker, speaking about disabled expeditions and integrated expeditions. Glenn also attends many other RGS events including the Annual Expedition Explorers Forum. In February 1999 at the RGS, Glenn received with a great deal of honour his fellowship to the Royal Geographical Society which formerly recognises his mountaineering career, expedition knowledge and expertise that he now holds.

To date Glenn has taken his wheelchair higher up the world's highest mountain range than anyone else with Brittle Bones and is an inspiration to us all.

Read more about Glenn's exploits at the main site: www.glennshaw.com


Kayaking on the Norfolk Broads

Lukla in the Nepal Himalayas


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