Training weekend September 2003 - Mt Snowdon, Wales.

Photos by Kim Chishti.

Taking just 4 hours to ascend Snowdon, the team were delighted to reach the summit at precisely 1.00 pm on Saturday 6 September in rather damp and misty conditions.

Working in regular rotation, the team worked together to move the Chair up the steep incline of Snowdon. Carry handles had been added to the Chair during its most recent visit to the Küschall factory in Switzerland, and these proved extremely invaluable in both their location on the frame and their design to lift the chair across some of the more difficult areas. There was a sense of relief all round as the Everest Chair proved itself more than capable of tackling this rugged terrain.

Glenn was far less tired at the end of the trip as a result of the confidence he had gained from the revised seating position within the Chair and the addition of a body harness.

Having taken a short break at the summit of Snowdon to bask in some well-earned glory, we began our descent some 45 mins later. The weather broke and to our utter surprise the day turned into a glorious, warm late summer's afternoon. The descent took around 2 hours - handling the Chair going down is almost as challenging as moving it up - but Kim did well to resist its downward motion by supporting the frame and working backwards down the mountain, the remainder of the team anchoring the back of the chair from the handlebars!

Triumphant back at base - the team and Everest Chair intact, we took time out to enjoy the delights of the ice-cream freezer at Base Camp!

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