Surviving Everest Base Camp

Having spent 5 nights at Everest base camp it's clear that you need to be made of pretty stern stuff to survive up here for any length of time. My hands look like they've been to hell and back, I've got quite a few splits and cracks across my hands, fingers and thumbs. My lips are incredibly dry, sore and cracked and sunburn is a real issue. You can never put enough sun cream on.

Generally you do feel more fatigued at this altitude and after about three hours on the go you have to sit down and have a cup of tea. Apart from these issues I'm operating well, only the usual high altitude sore throat which is quite normal and a slight swelling in the face, hands and joints.

Just to give an idea of where my tent is, I'm on a slight plateau with Everest on my left hand side and the valley we travelled up to my right. The ground is fairly level around my tent which allows me to use my chair to get around.

The weather conditions have been extremely varied, for our first two days at base camp we were pinned down in our tents by a horrendous storm. Now we've got crystal clear blue skies and we're surrounded by beautiful mountains, the most majestic of which is Everest which towers over the icefall.

The Everest Chair is performing outstandingly. More updates to follow.


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