Thursday 23rd October 2003

10:10pm local time

The team is currently situated in Shigatse after spending 4 days acclimatising in Lhasa. Lhasa was an interesting city, a real mixture of old and new, many Chinese and Russian influences and modern buildings that you would never expect to find in such a remote city.

However the team did stumble upon old Tibet which was almost like stepping back in time. The team spent some time at the Potala Palace whereupon we climbed to the roof for spectacular panoramic views across Lhasa. This was the highlight of the day not only because of the situation we were in but also due to the fact that the team worked incredibly hard to pull me and the chair up numerous flights of stairs which ranged from 35deg to 45deg inclines.

The journey from Lhasa to Shigatse took us over a 5100m pass, for me this was a personal achievement as this is the highest I've ever been. We are currently staying at 4000m having just had a spectacular locally prepared meal in a restaurant where you order the ingredients which are then cooked before your very eyes.

Next we head for Shegar were we will have time to explore the monastery and soak up more of the Tibetan culture.


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