Monday 10th November 2003 2pm GMT

Location - London

This final report comes to you from my home in London.
Since returning from the windswept slopes of Everest on Thursday my time has been spent catching up on sleep and rest in readiness for slotting back into a "normal" life.

It is only when you return from such a place having experienced that adventure that you realise just how much has been achieved. For example I will never forget until the day I die the overwhelming feeling of pride and emotion that I felt as I sat beside the memorial plaque for George Mallory and Andrew Irvine with the North Face of Everest looming larger than life in the background. For me this was my Everest no one else's.

In addition the expedition had other high spots, which include sitting on the roof of the Potala Place in Lhasa, which I suspect was not only a first for me, but a first for a building that has stood for thousands of years. Also it was great watching my team pull together to achieve a common goal and seeing each team member gain a very personal experience.

Now I'm back in London the expedition is seeming further and further away almost as if it were a dream. Looking at my slightly battered hands that worked so hard I can be assured that it was no dream.

Before going to Everest my mind was filled with stories from the past and present: Ed Hillary for one and more recently stories from Everest summiteers Rebecca Stephens and Neil Laughton. Also from Paul Rose, former British Antarctica Survey Base Commander, who came so close to summiting.

In addition to reflecting on stories of reaching, or almost reaching the roof of the world I have been thinking about the people that I met during my journey. These included Rinzin Sherpa and his team of Sherpas, cooks and our Tibetan drivers without whom the expedition could not have taken place. All of these people have a special place in my heart, which is shared with Everest and my expedition team.

With thanks to all my friends, sponsors and supporters who helped me with my expedition.


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