The challenge



"On the 29th May 1953, Edmund Hillary (now Sir Edmund) and Tenzing Norgay became the first people to stand on the summit of Mt Everest (Chomolungma), at 8850m (29,028ft) the highest mountain on Earth, situated on the border of Tibet and Nepal."

"Following several conversations with close friends it occurred to me that next year will be the 50th anniversary of that first ascent. Suddenly I had the notion of attaining my own personal summit on Everest on 29th May, which in many respects will be just as difficult and rewarding for me as reaching the actual summit has been for hundreds of climbers over the past five decades."  Glenn Shaw March 2002

Hillary and Norgay summit Mt Everest in May 1953
photo ©RGS



The aim of the expedition is for the team to assist Glenn in achieving his ambition of climbing to Base Camp situated at 5500m (18,000ft) on the North Face of Mount Everest in Tibet. It is envisaged that the team will arrive at Base Camp on the 30th October 2003 just over 50 years after the first ascent by Ed Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. There is also planned to be a satellite telephone link-up with Ed and Peter Hillary.

To complete this objective Glenn will be using a specially designed "Everest" wheelchair to cope with the rigours of the journey. Click here for more information on the Everest Chair.

Finally the team will be returning to Kathmandu to share knowledge and open communications with disabled organisations here and in the United Kingdom.

Everest North Face
photo ©Paul Deegan

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